Welcome to the parish church in Alflen / Eifel

The parish and church in Alflen

The first church cult building in our wider area was built in Trier in the 2nd beginning of the 3rd century. Remains of this first church under the cathedral ...

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The two figures on the high altar ...

... asked Pastor Koschel from his ministerial brother in Boos.

This represents an apostle with a gospel book.

Fourth picture on the north side

Saint Wendelin as a shepherd - patron of the shepherds and cattle

Third picture on the north side

The beheading of John the Baptist

From the Gospel according to Matthew 14, 3-122

Cloister - 1st station

Jesus is condemned to death

Crucifixion group above the choir arch

The Mother of God Mary and the favorite disciple John under the cross

From the Gospel according to John 19: 25-28

Second picture on the north side

Moses consecrates Aaron as a priest - Interpretation: sacrament of ordination
"He poured some of the anointing oil on Aaron's head and anointed him to consecrate him."

From 3rd Book of Moses / Book of Leviticus 8, 1-12

Cloister - Jesus is nailed to the cross

First picture on the north side above the Marien Altar

The prophet Nathan before King David - interpretation: sacrament of penance
"The Lord has forgiven you your sin"

From the 2nd book of Samuel cf. 12, 1-13

Archangel Michael with the soul scales ...

... in the baroque niche.

Figure from the old pulpit

Fourth picture on the south side

St. Donatus blesses the village of Alflen during a thunderstorm

HI. Gerhard Majella

Lay brother of the Redemptorists † 1755

Patron of children and mothers

Küster und Organist Adolf Thull an der Orgel

Cloister - Veronica gives Jesus the handkerchief

Madonna and Child

Cloister - Jesus falls for the first time

... and placed in his mother's lap

... and placed in his mother's lap

Cloister - Jesus meets his mother

The new figure of John

Thanks to private donations and the tireless commitment of the parish, the new figure of St. John was inaugurated in a solemn procession in the parish church of Alflen in 2013.

The figure was made by the woodcarver Josef Formella from Lutzerath.

The two figures on the high altar ...

... asked Pastor Koschel from his ministerial brother in Boos.

This represents a bishop or cardinal.

Cloister - The holy body of Jesus is ...

... placed in the grave

Verschluss der Reliquiengrabes am neuen Altar m. Lamm Gottes

HI. Apollonia con la palma del martire, ...

... forceps and tooth

Figure on the high altar

Third picture in the middle

God leads Adam to his wife - Interpretation: sacrament of marriage
"And the two will be one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one."

Cloister - Jesus falls the second time

Cloister - Jesus takes the cross

HI. Mother Anna with Maria

Patroness of women, mothers and miners

The new organ

New organ built in 1957

Second picture in the middle

Manna rain and water miracles - Interpretation: Sacrament of the Eucharist
"He gave them bread from heaven"

From 2. Book of Moses / Book of Exodus 16, 2-4

Cloister - Jesus falls the third time

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Third picture on the south side

Martyrdom of the Apostle Bartholomew

Cloister - Simon of Cyrene helps carry the cross

The old organ

Photo taken around 1940 - the deformed pipes are easy to see

Cloister - Jesus is stripped of his clothes

The artist and his work - Heinrich Alken from Maye

Sculptor, painter and teacher from Mayen

[More on this](https://www.eifelzeitung.de/redaktion/kinder-der-eifel/heinrich-alken-67176/) ....

Immaculate Heart of Mary

First picture on the south side above the Bartholomew altar

Samuel anoints the young man David as king - Interpretation: Sacrament of Confirmation
"And the Spirit of the Lord was upon him"

1 Samuel 16:13

Cloister - Jesus meets the weeping women

HI. Apollonia

Virgin and Martyr in the 3rd Century

Patroness of eye and dental problems

HI. Bartholomew

Terracotta figure by C. Walter in Trier 1913

Baptismal font

The Alfler death bell

From 1750 to 1942 the "death bell" was located in this roof turret, which at that time had rung more than 4,000 deceased to rest.
The bell was confiscated in 1942 and melted down for weapons production.

It is thanks to the "Totenglöckchen" interest group in 2010 that a new bell was purchased.

See also for [more information](http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/Neubau_der_Pfarrkirche_Alflen_vor_300_Jahren) ...

Cloister - Jesus dies on the cross

Dachstuhl dRoof structure of the Alfler parish church

In the video you can see a short tour through the roof structure

First picture in the middle

The baptism of Jesus by John - interpretation: sacrament of baptism
"This is my beloved son that I liked"

From the Gospel according to Matthew 3: 13-17

Book tip: New construction of the Alflen parish church 300 years ago

Chronicle of the parish church 1716 - 2016
Working group chronicle of the parish church Alflen

Descriptive texts for paintings come from this very informative book. Thank you for making this 3D tour even more extensive.
[More on this ...](http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/Neubau_der_Pfarrkirche_Alflen_vor_300_Jahren)

Second picture on the south side

The healing of Tobit by his son Tobias - interpretation: anointing of the sick
"You should see again. Your faith has helped you."

From the book of Tobit 11, 1-14

Sacred Heart of Jesus