Welcome to the collegiate church of St. Castor in Treis-Karden

The artist and his work - Heinrich Alken from Maye

Sculptor, painter and teacher from Mayen[More on this](https://www.eifelzeitung.de/redaktion/kinder-der-eifel/heinrich-alken-67176/) ....

Book tip: New construction of the Alflen parish church 300 years ago

Chronicle of the parish church 1716 - 2016 Working group chronicle of the parish church AlflenDescriptive texts for paintings come from this very informative book. Thank you for making this 3D tour even more extensive. [More on this ...](http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/Neubau_der_Pfarrkirche_Alflen_vor_300_Jahren)

Romanesque main altar

Romanesque main altar (today the celebration altar) built as a Romanesque box altar. Consecrated in 1247. The certificate of consecration is now in the monastery museum.

The high altar

Altar shrine with the Adoration of the Magi. Made of fired clay with filigree tracery as a canopy. Four prophet figures with banners in the tracery of the canopy. Late medieval work - dated around 1425/30.

Baptismal font

Late Romanesque font from the time the church was built. Four of the six column bases are presumably spolia.

Holy grave. (Gray tuff)

The dead Jesus is laid in the grave by Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea. Two half of the 17th century.

new Organ (1728)

Three manual organ by Johann Michael Stumm (with echo work); 1933–1935 remodeling by Klais; 1973 Klais completes the reconstruction.

Johannes altar (limestone)

Donated in 1629 and created in the Hoffmann School in Trier. The main relief shows the resurrection of Christ and kneeling the donor in choir clothing.

Stephanus altar (limestone)

The main picture shows the stoning of St. Stephen. Donated in 1628. From the Trier Hoffmann School.

Holy Castor

Patron of the Church and the Congregation. The saint carries the model of the collegiate church in his hands. Belonging to the altar shrine 1425/30.

Castor shrine (wood and metal fire-gilded)

The church patron St. Castor is shown with a palm in his left hand and the church model in his right hand. Inside some relics of the saint. Lower Rhine work from the middle or end of the 15th century.

Altarpiece of the high altar

Altar retable in the former collegiate church of St. Castor in Karden, around 1420, figures made of fired clay (behind glass). Statues: Mother of God enthroned with child, three wise men, left and right the apostles Peter and Paul, on the consoles under the small canopies four prophets with scrolls.

Wall tabernacle

Donated in 1643 by a canon of the collegiate church. The image program takes up passages from the Old Testament that refer to the Eucharist. Above the depiction of Holy Communion, the inscription: ECCE PANIS ANGELORUM.

Late Roman tombstone ...

Late Roman tombstone of a girl named IMINA. Inscription: HIC REQUIESCIT IN PACE - HIC IN DEI NOMINE. Around A.D. 500


Pantocrator (wall painting of the 13th century). Christ appears as the judge of the world above the roofs of the collegiate church. Clearly recognizable by the sun disks at the top of the tower.

Choir wall

Choir wall of the old church before 900